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Companies to Develop Emergency Alerting Using HD Radio

SpectraRep, Sage and iBiquity are working together

A trio of companies is working on developing Emergency Alert Services using HD Radio technology.

SpectraRep, a subsidiary of BIA, plus iBiquity Digital and Sage Alerting Systems say they are developing a combined technology platform to help broadcasters air emergency information to the public — and to targeted populations such as first responders, government agencies or people with special needs. The companies seek to embed HD Radio in AM/FM radios, personal media devices and cell phones as well as personal computers and other communication channels.

IBiquity COO Jeff Jury said HD Radio offers a flexible and cost-effective platform to deliver local and national alerts and warning content to mobile receivers while SpectraRep EVP Edward Czarnecki said the companies believe planned field testing will benefit stations, the public and government agencies.

“The integration of our existing capabilities with new features provided by advanced digital receivers and displays could provide an effective path between providers and consumers of emergency information,” said Sage President Harold Price.