Company Pitches 'IM Radio' as Superior to Digital Radio

Company Pitches 'IM Radio' as Superior to Digital Radio
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Positioning its service as superior to satellite or terrestrial digital radio, California company Mercora has introduced what it calls IM Radio Mobile. It goes so far as to call it a "new metaphor for mobile radio."
The company describes itself as a user-contributed digital radio network. It said IM Radio Mobile supports Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003-based devices, such as Pocket PCs and Pocket PC phones, "and provides mobile and wireless access to the world's largest user-contributed digital radio network powered by people, disk jockeys and artists."
That network, it says, offers 20,000 commercial-free channels that users can search and listen to on Windows Mobile-based devices and phones. It said cell phone carriers and Windows Mobile device manufacturers are looking to capitalize on the satellite radio and iPod trends, and this provides a way to provide audio content.
"A Pocket PC with IM Radio is like having a wireless iPod with way better sound and music selection," it quoted one beta tester as saying.
The company said the subscription service uses a version of the nonproprietary Ogg Vorbis audio format that provides "near-CD" quality sound. Subscribers pay $3.99 to $4.99 per month.