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Company Running Special Event Broadcasts During Super Bowl Fined $10,800

Company Running Special Event Broadcasts During Super Bowl Fined $10,800

The FCC fined Global Radio $10,800 (down from the original $12,000 for its past good record) for transmitting on three unauthorized frequencies at Qualcomm Stadium during the Super Bowl. In January 2003, Global asked for permission to use six frequencies for a special event broadcasting station. The agency authorized Global’s use of two frequencies and denied the others because using them could possible cause interference to stations both in the U.S. and in Mexico.
An FCC field agent determined Global was using three other frequencies during the event, in addition to the ones it was authorized to operate on.
Global doesn’t dispute that it used the extra frequencies, saying it was trying to “experiment with the boundaries of Part 15” of the commission’s rules for unlicensed operation, according to the decision. Global said based on its field intensity meter readings before using the frequencies it believed there were no “listenable” radio signals operating near the stadium. It also asked for the fine to be cancelled, citing an inability to pay.
The commission disagreed with all of Global’s arguments. The San Diego field agent noted that based on the distance the signals were heard and the comparable signal strengths of the unauthorized stations to those that were authorized; the signals Global used exceeded Part 15 limits.
Global has 30 days to pay.