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Company Takes Radio Phones to the Clouds

New service provider offers scalable phone system for call-ins

A new company called Autotelics is offering a cloud-based phone bank service to broadcasters.

Autotelics was founded this year by Sean Saulsbury. He’s former co-owner and managing partner of movie website Box Office Mojo, which was sold to

The idea behind Call In Studio is to alleviate stations from having to lease lines that they may not always need.

The Call In Studio system handles between one and 35 callers at any one time, allowing for scalability. The company says it also can provide automated interfacing with callers or routing to show screeners.

Customized greetings can be used and mailboxes created for shows not in production. Guests can be provided with a PIN number for priority handling.

Pricing is 3 cents per minute for all calls, except for toll-free incoming calls, which are 6 cents per minute. Phone numbers are $6 per month and toll-free phone numbers are $12/month.

According to his website, Saulsbury is also a voice talent and podcaster.