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Company Tries to Update Mobile Audience Data Collection

Company Tries to Update Mobile Audience Data Collection

Lots of attention today for Navigauge, a startup company. The firm is trying to combine global positioning technology with audience ratings in the car to nab a slice of Arbitron’s market, and was written up in the New York Times.
Navigauge has developed its technology with $6.5 million from institutional investors such as Skyterra Communications, plus support from Coca-Cola and McDonalds, which have helped the company outfit some 500 cars with the device.
According to Navigauge, it wants to take data collection of mobile customers in a new direction: “It should leave you feeling that you have exclusive insight about your consumers that no one else has…like that habit they have of changing the radio dial every two minutes – and their affinity for a certain convenience store chain or fast food restaurant,” the company states on its Web site.
Navigauge says its patent-pending measurement device doesn’t require internal modifications to a car’s audio components. When connected to the audio system, the device “automatically” collects data on radio use and vehicle location.
“Each change in the radio dial and vehicle position is accurately time-stamped and stored; the data is then transmitted over a national wireless communication network to the central servers in the Navigauge Network Operations Center,” according to the company, which is trying to position its measurement process as faster than Arbitron’s paper diary methodology.
Arbitron, too, is trying to improve speed and to get away from relying on consumer recall by testing its Portable People Meter system.