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Compromise on Higher Indecency Fines May Be Close

Compromise on Higher Indecency Fines May Be Close

Though two measures to raise penalties for broadcast indecency remain pending as members of Congress focus on spending measures in this shortened legislative session, a compromise may get passed before lawmakers end this session for elections.
According to Reuters, Sen. Sam Brownback thinks lawmakers are near a compromise on legislation that would significantly raise the penalties for broadcasters that violate decency standards. The compromise could be tacked onto a bill to reauthorize defense programs.
The Kansas Republican said, “There’s a good chance we’re going to be able to get this done this year.”
In June, the Senate passed a bill to raise the maximum indecency penalty, now $27,500 per incident, to $275,000 per incident with a cap of $3 million a day.
The House voted to raise the maximum indecency fine to $500,000.
The measures have been stuck in conference committees.
Brownback didn’t give details on the compromise, other than to say it resembles the Senate bill.