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Computer Glitches Give Broadcasters Extra Time

Computer Glitches Give Broadcasters Extra Time

A computer glitch has forced the FCC to extend an earlier filing deadline for broadcasters in several states. Radio stations in Illinois and Wisconsin may be affected.
Broadcasters trying to access the FCC Media Bureau’s Consolidated Database System near the Aug. 1 deadline for filing license renewals received a “server error” message instead of a login page. Due to these problems, on Aug. 1 the commission extended the deadline for California television stations to file FCC Form 303-S, Application for Renewal of Broadcast Station Licenses and FCC Form 396, Broadcast Equal Opportunity Employment Report until this Friday, Aug. 11.
The deadline for filing FCC Forms 323/323E, Biennial Ownership Reports, was extended until Aug. 11 for California, North Carolina, and South Carolina television stations; and Illinois and Wisconsin radio stations.
“Consolidated Database System (CDBS) users have experienced electronic filing difficulties during the past several days,” the FCC said in its public notice, (DA 06-157). “This filing extension is designed to provide a reasonable opportunity for impacted licensees and CDBS users to timely file these forms.” The deadline for filing a petition to deny a California television station license renewal application filed after Aug. 1, 2006 will be due 90 days from the release of the public notice accepting the renewal application for filing.
Regarding other broadcast applications with filing deadlines during the period while the CDBS was not working, “some applicants, permittees and licensees may have experienced difficulties in timely filing amendments, settlements, and contracts. The Bureau will waive these requirements in appropriate circumstances,” the commission said in the public notice.

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