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Comrex Debuts BRIC Traversal Server

The company also is releasing Access version 2.4 p2 firmware.

Monday at the NAB Show, Comrex will introduce the BRIC Traversal Server, which it says eases Access IP connections.

Users can log in to the BRIC TS server using a standard Web browser and create an account. A User Group is created and Access units are added to the account.

After the account has been configured, Access units automatically synchronize with BRIC TS. A “Buddy List” is added to each Access unit’s address book, which shows users in the specified group as well as each codec’s connection status and IP address. Connection between Access units is “point and click,” regardless of each unit’s IP address and location behind firewalls or routers.

“We knew from the beginning of BRIC development that the traversal server was a key ingredient,” said Tom Hartnett, technical director for the company. “If this technology is to be successful, IP audio must be as easy to use as a telephone. By providing a way to seamlessly bridge routers and to find other users, BRIC TS removes the requirement that the user learn all the details of IP networks to take advantage of the benefits it can offer.”

The company also is releasing Access version 2.4 p2 firmware for the portable and rack-mount Access models. Added features include faster boot time for Access Portable, reduced encoding delay times for Access Rackmount, a “Restricted User Mode” for protecting configurations and expanded buffer management options. Customers can contact Comrex for assistance with the free update, or download it from the Comrex Web site.