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Comrex Goes on ‘World Tour’

In partnership with distributors, Comrex is showcasing Opal, Access NX and LiveShot

Comrex is visiting locations throughout the world to display its recently launched Opal and Access NX, as well as the LiveShot IP video codec.

The tour, organized in partnership with local broadcast organizations and Comrex reseller partners, began in Ecuador on May 8. Other trip locations include Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Canada. Event dates and places can be found here.

“While we spend a lot of time at industry events demonstrating our equipment, we recognize that many people aren’t able to attend trade shows,” said Chris Crump, sales director for Comrex. “We want to bring our new technology directly to communities who can do great things with it. Access NX, Opal, and LiveShot offer exciting capabilities for broadcasters.”

For information on the tour, write to [email protected].