Concept Car Shows ‘3D audio technology’

Fraunhofer audio algorithms are used
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A concept car being shown at the International CES show promises “revolutionary new 3D audio technology” that goes beyond the impact of stereo or surround.

This is a project of Bang & Olufsen, audi and Fraunhofer IIS, and it is being shown in an Audi Q7 here in Las Vegas.

The companies quoted Denis Credé, head of sound system development for Audi AG, saying reproduction of music “in the third dimension” is a logical step after the introduction of 3D movies.

They’ve added a 3D sound algorithm and associated speaker units and amplifiers; the companies say this creates a dramatically bigger and open sense of space. They promise “unique sense of listening to music inside a concert auditorium,” and that the music seems to come from beyond the speakers, regardless of positioning in the car.

The sound system uses psycho-acoustic analysis to enable “intelligent distribution of the input signal to the loudspeakers in the car.” A user can push a button and produce an individual level of 3D intensity.

The concept car has 23 active loudspeakers in the dashboard and car pillars, and 1500 watts of amplification.


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