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Connecticut Broadcasters Cite Successful Senate Debate

CBA chair describes it as “the very essence of our mission as broadcasters”

When the Connecticut Broadcasters Association recently met in Hartford for its annual meeting, organizers worked in a debate between U.S. Senate candidates Rep. Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon. The CBA feels that the effort was well worth it.

Chair of the Connecticut Broadcasters Association Klarn DePalma said, “Connecticut residents were the real winners because our organization enabled them to watch and hear every minute of the debate through live and delayed broadcasts on many of our member stations.” DePalma added, “This statewide effort to keep the public informed about important issues is the very essence of our mission as broadcasters.”

The CBA noted that TV and radio stations donated not only time but equipment, personnel and services to make the debate happen. It estimated the value of the effort to be approximately $180,000.

The debate was aired live by some stations while others had a delay or even replayed it. C-SPAN and CT-N, the Connecticut Network also aired the debate. It was estimated that 125,000 Connecticuters watched.


CBA Gathers on Oct. 18 in Hartford