Connecticut Reading Service Eyes Web Streaming

'I have wonderful friends who read to me'
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A radio reading service in Connecticut plans to stream its service on the Web.

As baby boomers age, the current number of qualified listeners to the Connecticut Radio Information System — as well as to radio reading services in general — is expected to rise. CRIS estimates its listenership at 50,000.

Reading services often are transmitted via the subcarriers of FM stations and received on specially tuned radios; the broadcasts also can be heard using cable television receivers or telephone readers.

In this Associated Press story that appeared in the Hartford Courant, we learn that streaming its service to the Web is one of several initiatives planned by the organization's new leader to build up the CRIS fundraising base and raise its visibility.


Reading Service Imperiled In Oregon

“It’s worrisome because it sets a precedent,” said Heather Lusignan, immediate past president of IAAIS. Reading service organizers say the OPB decision ignores the needs of older, visually-impaired, less technology-literate people.