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Consulting Engineer Highlights DRM AM Tests in India

He thinks it has applicability in U.S.

Professional engineer Ted Schober has blogged about some Digital Radio Mondiale tests of its AM system at India’s national broadcaster All India Radio.

In an e-mail to colleagues (subject line: “Finally! Something exciting for AM technology”), he stated he feels the tests demonstrate a digital AM system that could be viable in the United States.

Schober says DRM’s so-called “AM single-channel simulcast” doesn’t appear to cause adjacent-channel interference and promises inexpensive battery-powered receivers. “I find this news heartening, seeing the slow to non-existence of growth in AM HD,” he writes. “Perhaps a little competition on the technical field will help AM broadcasters to have a stake in the future.”

His company is a technical consulting firm and equipment supplier. Find the article on

All India Radio previously chose DRM as the technology for converting its analog network to digital, according to the DRM Consortium (PDF).