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Consumers Turn to Technology More Since Attacks

Consumers Turn to Technology More Since Attacks

Consumers consider “spending time/keeping in touch with family and friends,” “staying abreast of world events” and “letting others know your whereabouts” to be much more important now than prior to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. That’s according to a new survey released by the Consumer Electronics Association. The “State of the Economy” survey examines consumer product usage patterns and spending attitudes in relation to the attacks on America of Sept. 11.
The study finds that while consumers’ attitudes have not changed drastically, many Americans are turning to technology products to keep them informed of current events and to provide comfort in their home as an escape from the outside world.
The survey shows that in a time of national crisis, Americans turned to their televisions as a primary source of information. Forty-four percent of those surveyed reported watching television more in the wake of the Sept. 11th attacks than previously, at an average rate of just over 16 hours per week.
Respondents also reported that they are now more likely to talk on the phone (net 12 percent increase), surf the Internet (net 9 percent increase) and use ground transportation resources (net 19 percent increase) than prior to the attacks. In terms of product purchases, consumers are now more likely to buy wireless phones (net 4 percent increase) with wireless data capabilities (net 3 percent increase) and broadband Internet access (net 7 percent increase) than previously.
The survey was designed and formulated by the CEA Market Research Department and fielded online Oct. 3-14 to a representative sample of 1,000 online households.