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Continental Acquires Crown’s Weather Business

Transmitter maker acquires Crown Broadcast's NOAA Weather Radio transmitter business

Continental Electronics is getting into the NOAA Weather Radio business. It has acquired the weather radio transmitter business of Crown Broadcast IREC, adding that to its FM and shortwave lines.

NOAA Weather Radio provides weather news and alerts through a network of low-power transmitters. The immediate payload for the current contract specifies 42 redundant 300 W and 1 kW systems to be provided by Continental, which hopes for more business as NWR continues to modernize and expand.

Continental Electronics President Dan Dickey said: “We appreciate the confidence that NOAA has shown by including Continental in their efforts to enhance and improve the nation’s weather alert system.”

For Crown’s part, Sales and Marketing Manager Kent Koselke said: “This move will allow Crown Broadcast IREC to focus on its core market of FM broadcasters using our transmitter/translator products.” He hinted at more business deals: “We also look forward to working with Continental Electronics on future projects to further enhance our product suite.”

Continental Sales Manager Mike Troje tells Radio World, “There was no change in personnel, or loss of jobs, at either company, just the transfer of hardware, an existing contract with NOAA, the limited exchange and sharing of intellectual property. Continental is also assuming parts support responsibility for the currently deployed IREC NOAA systems.” Purchase terms were not disclosed.

Troje adds that there are some 500 to 600 Crown IREC weather transmitters in the field, with a 60/40 split of 1 kW and 300 W units. Each system consists of two redundant exciter/transmitter systems, an output combiner and switch, and several levels of access and control. Read more at this NOAA page.