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Continental Focuses on HD Management

802Ex FM digital exciter is a “one-box” HD solution.

Continental Electronics says its 802Ex FM digital exciter is a “one-box” HD solution with embedded Exporter and Exciter technology.

The company says it is based on digital technology that advances performance beyond other FM digital exciters; makes HD Radio easier to install and configure; and enhances the FM/HD experience via soft-updates and firmware plug-ins.

The company’s real-time, forward pre-correction is standard in 802Ex exciters. This allows changes in transmitter or RF system performance to be automatically sensed and corrected. Also, software-selectable HD power levels of –20 dB, –10 dB or any power level in between; color LCD screen; stereo generator; and audio delay (up to 16.4 seconds) are standard.

Additional features include synchronization, using GPS 10 MHz signal; multiple AES-3 digital audio inputs; AES-3 audio output; standard composite input; and two baseband SCA inputs.

The company also debuted the 800Exp embedded exporter, which it says offers the technology required to develop and manage complex HD signals in a single rack unit. Control and monitoring are accessed through a Web browser, and system start-up is stable because there is no hard drive or OS.

It is compatible with IP-based STL systems, both unidirectional or bidirectional, and is field-upgradable through its browser interface.