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Continental Lensa Signs HD Radio License Agreement

Continental Lensa Signs HD Radio License Agreement

A fifth RF company will make HD Radio exciters; the company is also the first manufacturer outside of North America to make IBOC RF gear.
Continental Lensa has signed an Ibiquity license so that it can manufacture and market HD Radio exciters for AM and FM broadcasters.
Marcos Caballero, President of Continental Lensa told RW Online he expects to offer an HD Radio solution soon, with products to be available in 2007.
The company has been talking to Ibiquity about possibly making an exciter since 2003 and demoed its first HD Radio system in 2004, he said.
Continental Lensa is based in Santiago, Chile and also as has a factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil and hopes to sell HD Radio exciters to customers in that country, as well as elsewhere in South America.