Controlled Burn Conducted on Mt. Wilson

CGC reports access for engineers said to be still in flux
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CGC Communicator reported this week fire officials were conducting a controlled burn Thursday to clear away brush between the wildfires on California's Mt. Wilson and its communication towers and observatory.

Plans to allow engineers up on the site for those who had a critical need for access were in flux. No stations located on Mt. Wilson have reported serious damage.

Only one station, KKLA(FM), has had to leave its transmission site on Mt. Wilson, doing so for its back-up site on Flint Peak as fire burned a telco line that carries its audio to Mount Wilson. The station does not have an STL into Wilson, CGC reported.


Will Mt. Wilson Stations Pay?

Broadcasters may become more enthusiastic about complying with radiofrequency radiation exposure limits now that it appears the RFR safety issue is moving up on the FCC's enforcement priority list.