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Convicted Murderer May Get Ham License Revoked

Convicted Murderer May Get Ham License Revoked

About six months the FCC granted a ham radio license to Roger Thomas Scaggs, he was convicted of beating his wife to death with a lead pipe and then stabbing her several times. Now, the commission is trying to determine if Scaggs remains qualified to remain the licensee of an amateur radio station W5EBC or whether his authorization should be revoked.
Scaggs was convicted in 1998 of felony murder and sentenced by a jury to 32 years in prison, and fined $10,000. His conviction was affirmed and his request for a rehearing denied in 2000, according to the commission.
The commission assesses character qualifications before granting a license, especially evidence a felony conviction. Scaggs murder conviction, states the agency, “raises very serious questions as to whether he possesses the requisite character qualifications to be and remain a commission licensee.”
The commission is sending the case to one of its administrative law judges for a revocation hearing. Scaggs or his attorney has 30 days to respond.