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Cooley: Experience Not Features Count for Consumers

Connected TV and car, tablet, smartphone are top technologies for now, near future Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley calls the age we’re living now the post-PC era tech-wise, with smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and connected cars the hot gadgets of the moment and for the near future.

The key for broadcasters is how to embrace those devices for content delivery, he told a well-attended Technology Luncheon at the NAB Show here in Las Vegas.

A key spec he looks for when evaluating new technology is whether the device is transparent. That is, does the device fall away and let you do what you want with it seamlessly? Is the device intuitive and intimate, or highly personalized?

Cooley reminded broadcasters that the point of all the new devices is the experience they bring to the user, not the features.

For his top 10 technology countdown, the number one item is connected television, which he says changes the rules for television — “the big dog in media.” Smartphones are number two. Cooley calls them “the main computing device for the world.”

Connected cars are number three. Seventy percent of new cars have connected dashboards. The days of putting in “a CD deck with AM/FM and HD and you’re fine” are over, said Cooley.