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Cooley: Tablets Are the Next Big Thing

Tech guru also says the ‘connected’ car is not merely a niche

CNET Senior Commentator Brian Cooley predicts the next big thing in consumer electronics, after the age of the PC, will be tablets.

He was quick to reassure attendees of a radio luncheon at the NAB Show that he’s not declaring the personal computer dead, but rather looking beyond the device.

The “connected car” is a reality, said Cooley. Right now, when we leave our homes, we’re leaving a rich media environment, while in the car, we face a “connected ghetto.” But vehicles need the same pipeline capacity as our homes have, he said. Cooley noted that automakers like Ford, BMW, Toyota and Chevy have debuted or improved their connected hands-free entertainment systems. These systems are not just a “niche” service, he told the audience.

The tablet, smartphone and connected car all are key business elements for radio managers to consider, he said.

— Leslie Stimson