Copper Theft Silences WZRK(AM)

Wisconsin station asks FCC for okay to go silent while it installs prevention system
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Copper theft at an AM station in southeast Wisconsin has become so bad the facility has asked the FCC for permission to go off the air while it installs a system to prevent future thefts.

WZRK(AM), Lake Geneva, Wis. owner GS Radio says twice now, “thieves have stolen the copper ground radials surrounding the WZRK tower, outside the fenced area surrounding the transmitter shed and the AM tower itself.”

In an application for a “Notification of Suspension of Operations/Request for Silent STA” the company checked off the box that indicates the request is for a technical reason.

GS told the FCC that the copper radials must be replaced again. It asked the commission for permission to stay off the air “for a few months” to accomplish that, as well as devise a security system.


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