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Copper Thieves Nabbed

SBE Chapter 14 says the pair had a list of TX sites in their vehicle

Police have caught two individuals who allegedly stole copper from multiple transmitter sites in the Connecticut Valley.

Apparently, the pair had a list of Connecticut transmitter sites in their vehicle, according to the SBE Chapter 14 member newsletter, which adds the list contained notes about various sites.

The suspects would scout out potential sites to hit on holidays, according to the chapter, which says the pair were caught on video on Christmas Eve “apparently doing reconnaissance” at two sites in the state.

The chapter asks members who have video feeds at their sites to check those to determine if their sites were “visited” during the holidays.

The chapter urges security precautions at transmitter sites like not using the same code or key for multiple tenants or sites, posting “No Trespassing” signs on the property and installing security cameras.