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Copps, Adelstein Seek Media Ownership Stay

Copps, Adelstein Seek Media Ownership Stay

The two Democratic FCC commissioners, Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, are formally seeking a stay of the agency’s decision to loosen its media ownership rules.
In a letter to Chairman Michael Powell, the two requested a vote on a temporary stay to allow the agency time to obtain public input on the effect of the rule changes and to allow Congress to debate media consolidation.
“The public now has its first real opportunity to ascertain how these rules interact and to examine how collectively they might affect various markets over time,” they wrote. “A temporary stay would provide time for the commission to consider petitions for reconsideration to protect against unforeseen and negative consequences.”
The commission’s procedures provide for a stay.
Copps and Adelstein also requested “expeditious resolution” of any petitions for reconsideration that are filed regarding media ownership.