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Copps: Internet in Jeopardy

Copps: Internet in Jeopardy

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, says the Internet is at risk. In a speech before the New America Foundation, he stated, “Entrenched interests are positioning themselves to control the network’s chokepoints and they are lobbying the FCC to aid and abet them. The Internet was designed to prevent government or a corporation or anyone else from controlling it. But this original vision of the Internet may soon be lost. In its place a warped view that open networks should be replaced by closed networks and that accessibility can be superceded by a new power to discriminate is emerging.”
At issue are upcoming decisions at the FCC that will determine how much control companies will have over Internet access and their ability to discriminate against users, data, websites, or technologies. In the dial-up world, current protections require these companies to treat everyone equally.
Copps said the agency faces “scenarios wherein those with bottleneck control will be able to discriminate against both users and content providers that they don’t have commercial relationships with, don’t share the same politics with, or just don’t want to offer access to for any reason at all.”