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Copps Reiterates Indecency Concerns

Copps Reiterates Indecency Concerns

Commissioner Michael Copps responded to the demands of a coalition of organizations seeking stronger commission enforcement of the broadcast indecency rules.
In a letter to L. Brent Bozell III of the Parents Television Council, Copps lauds the efforts of the coalition and stated that the “FCC has earned a grade of ‘F’ for the job it has failed to do in enforcing the statutes that exist to curb indecency.” Copps reiterated his call for FCC vigilance to address “the rising tide of indecency” on the public’s airwaves.
The Democratic commissioner believes the FCC should not have voted on the broadcast ownership rules without also reviewing indecency rules and believes the agency is at “a real crossroads” with the issue.
Copps was “encouraged” by the Senate Commerce Committee’s recent passage of a bill amendment to strengthen FCC fines and ability to police broadcast indecency.