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Countdown to World Radio Day 2016

World Radio Day will celebrate its fifth anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 13.

On Feb. 13, 1946, United Nations Radio was established. At the time, radio was the dominant form of mass communication throughout the world. Now, 70 years later, TV and the Internet have emerged as new ways to share information and messages, but radio still plays an important role. That is UNESCO’s intended message of World Radio Day, which will celebrate its fifth anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Radio still reaches a wide audience around the world, including remote communities, and can be a source of information and public debate for all kinds of people; the illiterate, disabled, youth, and the poor, according to World Radio Day’s website. UNESCO’s executive board sought to recognize these contributions with the creation of World Radio Day.

After a consultation process that started in June 2011, the first World Radio Day was held in 2012. Less than a year later, the United Nations General Assembly formally endorsed UNESCO’s proclamation of World Radio Day on Jan. 14, 2013.

Every year since on Feb. 13, World Radio Day has sought to raise greater awareness among the public and media of the importance of radio. To do so, special programs, radio program exchanges, social media, dedicated websites and an annual festival have been a part of the World Radio Day celebration.

As World Radio Day approaches, Radio World will offer a daily spotlight on what this year’s World Radio Day plans to offer.

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Any organization that would like to share their plans for World Radio Day may email me at [email protected] for us to feature.