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Country Music Stations Increase Streaming Ad Revenue

Use of online tools becomes more sophisticated as well

Streaming audio software specialist Liquid Compass says it has seen streaming ad revenue for country music stations rise. Specifically, the firm points to increased ad replacement within the streams and more use of streaming apps by country music stations.

In a release, Liquid Compass noted that 76% of country music stations “that use their online streaming platform integrate ad replacement in their online music streaming to further monetize radio programming and to offer more options to station advertisers. Also, 39 percent of the country radio stations are now using mobile apps for music streaming.”

Zackary Lewis, CEO and founder, added, “The increase in online radio listeners, smartphone users and a more sophisticated audience means that country music stations have more opportunities for multi-platform revenue streams.”

The release said country music stations were becoming more sophisticated in the use of streaming tools, pointing to the use of its own platforms as an example: “To date, 15 percent of country music radio stations upgraded Liquid Compass’ new LC PRO 2.0 platform and now have the ability to utilize player takeovers, couponing, polling and social media integration.”