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Court Slaps Restraining Order on Big Boy

Action is part of Emmis request to prevent DJ from going to iHeartMedia station

A Los Angeles County Superior Court has granted Emmis Radio’s request for a temporary restraining order barring KPWR(FM) DJ Kurt Alexander from going to work for rival iHeartMedia at KHHT(FM) in that market.

The order stems from the breach of contract lawsuit that Emmis filed with the court last week. The broadcaster seeks a permanent injunction to prevent Alexander, whose on-air name is “Big Boy,” from moving to KHHT, in addition to millions of dollars in damages.

The court scheduled a preliminary injunction hearing for March 3; then it will determine whether an injunction is warranted while the case plays out.

In response to the order, Emmis stated the company was pleased with the ruling and looks forward to continuing to make its case “to protect Emmis and our rights under our employment agreement with Big Boy.”

Because of the “immediate and immeasurable damage” that Alexander’s breach of contract would have, Emmis asserted last week it had no other choice than to protect itself and file the lawsuit. The broadcaster sought an initial hearing before Alexander’s employment agreement expires on Feb. 28.

There was no direct comment from Big Boy. His Twitter feed had this post after the news of the temporary restraining order came out: “ Today is another day. I’m staying focused on the light. I thank you for the support. I do miss you all and I pray we’ll have more memories soon.”

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