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Court Steps Into KPFA Election

Labor, management, programming strife engulfing Bay Area Pacifica station

Few stations have these kinds of troubles. But then it seems nothing is ever conventional when talking about Pacifica.

KPFA(FM), a Pacifica station in Berkeley, Calif., has found its “recall” election under a temporary restraining order from a local Alameda County Superior Court.

A recall election was being held by KPFA members to turn out Tracy Rosenberg, KPFA listener delegate and member of the Pacifica Board of Directors, from the foundation’s board of directors. The Pacifica Foundation, a nonprofit foundation, holds the license for KPFA.

According to the order, the ballots cast must be collected and held in a “secure storage facility” until the court decides what to do. A hearing will be held on Sept. 10.

KPFA has suffered through a series of problems over the past few years — financial, staffing, management, etc. — and a number of rifts have opened among management, the foundation, the station staff and the listeners, according to various accounts.