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Cox Display Proposal Voted Down by NRSC

Cox Display Proposal Voted Down by NRSC

“HD-2” wins a round over “new band.”
The National Radio Systems Committee has voted down a resolution offered by Cox Radio. The broadcaster wanted NRSC to form a committee with the goal of recommending a standard and implementation plan for identifying multicast channels on HD Radios.
Members of the Digital Radio Broadcasting Subcommittee, formerly called the DAB Subcommittee, felt this decision should not be made in a technical committee, said NRSC Chairman Charlie Morgan after the meeting at CES.
Cox funded focus groups to research whether radio displays should read the current “HD2” when identifying multicast channels, or a “new” frequency, to position the digital services as a “new” band. Bob Harper, who conducted the research for Cox, presented his finding to the committee at its meeting at CES.
Gregg Lindahl, vice president of Cox Interactive, said the broadcast group will now focus on developing its supplemental channels for HD Radio.
“The bigger issue is getting consumer input” into how the channels are displayed, he told RW Online.