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Cox Revenues Up Slightly in Q1

Cox Revenues Up Slightly in Q1

Saying “the stage is set for a good year,” Cox Radio Inc. said its net revenues for the first quarter were $93.1 million, up 2% from the same period last year. National revenues increased 3%, local revenues were flat.
Cox is the third-largest U.S. radio company in the United States based on revenues; it has 78 stations in 18 markets.
“Our stations in Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Richmond and Greenville-Spartanburg delivered strong growth during the first quarter of 2004, while our stations in Miami, Houston, Jacksonville and Long Island were down for the quarter,” the company stated.
Company head Bob Neil said, “The tone of business continues to improve and pacings are consistently positive. While we are still seeing some disparity between markets, it appears that the overall advertising environment is strengthening. This should bode well for radio.”