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CPB Awards More Digital Conversion Grants to 29 Public Radio Stations

CPB Awards More Digital Conversion Grants to 29 Public Radio Stations

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting announced grants totaling more than $2.3 million to help 29 additional public radio stations, including 19 serving rural and minority audiences, purchase the equipment needed to transition to digital radio.
These funds are part of the nearly $150 million in funding that Congress has provided to CPB over the last four years to assist both public radio and public television stations to convert from analog transmission to digital.
This latest announcement marks the third round of grants to assist local public radio stations in making the digital transition. Last month, CPB announced digital grants to 76 public radio stations.
Also, the CPB Board of Directors recently approved a plan for allocating nearly $50 million in special fiscal year 2004 digital transition funds provided by Congress. $15 million will support public radio; the rest goes to TV.
To date, CPB has provided grants to147 public radio stations to begin their digital transition. Stations will be able to apply for another round of digital funding this summer.
Final grants are contingent upon final equipment costs and contract negotiations with individual stations. (Note asterisk indicates rural and/or minority stations.)
Recipients of this funding round include:

WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa*

KCAW-FM, Sitka*
KCHU-AM, Valdez*
KNBA-FM, Anchorage*
KRBD-FM, Ketchikan*
KTOO-FM, Juneau*
KYUK-AM, Bethel*
KSKA-FM, Anchorage*

KBSU-AM, Boise*

WSUI-AM, Iowa City*
KBBG-FM, Waterloo*

WKAR-FM, East Lansing

KNOW-FM, St. Paul/Minneapolis
KNSR-FM, St. Cloud/Collegeville*
KSJN-FM, St. Cloud/Collegeville
KSJR-FM, St. Cloud/Collegeville *

New York
WNED-AM, Buffalo
WAMC-FM, Albany

New Jersey
WWFM, Trenton

North Carolina
WRVS-FM, Elizabeth City*
WSHA-FM, Raleigh*

WOSU-FM, Columbus
WOSU-AM, Columbus

WJAZ-FM, Philadelphia*

WVTU-FM, Roanoke*
WVTW-FM, Roanoke*

KFAE-FM, Pullman*
KNWY-FM, Pullman*

WHA-AM, Madison