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CPB Hands Out $5 Million More for HD Radio Transition

CPB Hands Out $5 Million More for HD Radio Transition

Seventy-six more public stations will receive money to help them make the transition to digital, in the latest round of announced grants.
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting announced grants of about $5 million. The stations include 25 serving rural and minority audiences, it said. The announcement was made by CPB President and CEO Robert T. Coonrod.
The purpose is to help stations purchase equipment needed to transmit a digital signal. In the first round of grants last summer, CPB granted $3 million to 42 noncomm stations.
CPB said it is “encouraging and supporting the early adoption of this promising new technology by providing matching funds to eligible stations.”
Congress has appropriated $150 million for CPB over four years to help public radio and TV go digital. More announcements are pending; and stations can apply for another round of digital funding this summer.

The list of recipients, by state:

KFSK-FM Anchorage, Alaska
KSTK-FM Anchorage, Alaska
KAZU-FM Monterrey, California
KCRI-FM Los Angeles, California
KCRY-FM Santa Monica, California
KQEI-FM San Francisco, California
KUOR-FM Redlands, California
KVMR-FM Nevada City, California
KPRE-FM Denver, Colorado
WHUS-FM Storrs, Connecticut
WJCT-FM Jacksonville, Florida
WUCF-FM Orlando, Florida
WCLK-FM Atlanta, Georgia
KBSS-FM Boise, Idaho
WIUM-FM Macomb, Illinois
WIUW-FM Macomb, Illinois
WFIU-FM Bloomington, Indiana
KSUI-FM Iowa City, Iowa
WMKY-FM Morehead, Kentucky
WOCS-FM Morehead, Kentucky
WEKU-FM Richmond, Kentucky
KRVS-FM Lafayette Ville, Louisiana
WMEH-FM* Bangor, Maine
WMPG-FM Portland, Maine
WEAA-FM Baltimore, Maryland
WYPR-FM Baltimore, Maryland
WFPB-FM Boston, Massachusetts
WNEF-FM Boston, Massachusetts
WFUM-FM Ann Arbor, Michigan
WVGR-FM Ann Arbor, Michigan
WCAL-FM Northfield, Minnesota
WJSU-FM Jackson, Mississippi
WPRL-FM Lorman, Mississippi
KBIA-FM Columbia, Missouri
KCUR-FM Kansas City, Missouri
KWMU-FM St. Louis, Missouri
KTBG-FM Warrensburg, Missouri
KIOS-FM Omaha, Nebraska
WEVO-FM Concord, New Hampshire
WEVS-FM Concord, New Hampshire
KANW-FM Albuquerque, New Mexico
KGLP-FM Gallup, New Mexico
KUNM-FM Albuquerque, New Mexico
WEOS-FM Geneva, New York
WLIU-FM Southampton, New York
WOSR-FM Albany, New York
WFAE-FM Charlotte, North Carolina
WFDD-FM Winston-Salem, North Carolina
WFHE-FM Charlotte, North Carolina
WNCU-FM Durham, North Carolina
WRQM-FM Chapel Hill, North Carolina
WUNC-FM Chapel Hill, North Carolina
WGUC-FM Cincinnati, Ohio
WKSU-FM Kent, Ohio
WMUB-FM Oxford, Ohio
WVXU-FM Cincinnati, Ohio
KCCU-FM Lawton, Oklahoma
KMCU-FM Lawton, Oklahoma
KOSU-FM Stillwater, Oklahoma
KBOO-FM Portland, Oregon
KBPS-FM Portland, Oregon
KMHD-FM Gresham, Oregon
KOPB-FM Portland, Oregon
WDUQ-FM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WHYY-FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WRTI-FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WXPH-FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WXPN-FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WRTU-FM San Juan, Puerto Rico
WPLN-FM Nashville, Tennessee
WUOT-FM Knoxville, Tennessee
KPVU-FM Prairie View, Texas
KUT-FM Austin, Texas
KUWS-FM Madison, Wisconsin
WERN-FM Madison, Wisconsin
WHRM-FM Madison, Wisconsin