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CPB Seeks Ideas for Radio Digital Data Services

CPB Seeks Ideas for Radio Digital Data Services

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is looking for a few good IBOC data services proposals.
CPB has $250,000 worth of grant money for demonstration projects showing what public radio could do with its program-associated data for HD Radio.
With all the discussion about what is possible for initial HD Radio data services – similar to RDS offerings now such as song title and artist – CPB wants public stations, program producers and others to approach PAD in an organized way.
“We’re looking for proposals on something that will give us consistency on a station-wide level,” said CPB consultant Bruce Theriault.
And practical. “We need to keep in mind whether the consumer cares and to what level they care and look at hidden costs,” he said.
“Ibiquity has a lot of ideas of what can be done with PAD. We’re interested in first-generation PAD that can be used in public radio,” said Luis Guardia, CPB’s senior director of media technology.
CPB has begun accepting grant applications for the PAD initiative and will do so until Sept. 10.
For details on the Request for Proposals, visit the CPB Web site at