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CPB to Open Next Digital Grant Round

Includes funding for HD Radio equipment that was unavailable to early adopters

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is opening another round of funding for HD Radio conversions on Monday, May 18.

Money for digital translators and boosters is not going to be covered in this round, according to a CPB spokeswoman.

CPB will shortly be accepting grant applications for three priority level projects: Levels I, II and III.

Priority I covers digital radio transmitter conversions and funding for HD Radio equipment that was unavailable to early adopters.

Priority II covers projects that facilitate digital content delivery and services to existing digital infrastructure, such as multicasting and other advanced HD radio applications.

Priority III covers demonstration projects that add and establish the feasibility of unique public service applications of digital technology, such as accessibility.

To date, CPB has approved funding for the digital conversion of 697 public radio transmitters. More than 430 public radio stations have completed conversions and are transmitting digital signals. Of those, 137 are multicasting for a total of 181 multicast streams.

The previous round of funding applications closed in November.