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Create Your Own Traffic Button

Livio writes code automakers can add to embedded app on the screen

Livio has developed an “FM Traffic Button” for new cars. Company founder and CEO Jake Sigal predicts that the button could be in new cars as early as next year.

The button provides traffic reports from Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network every few minutes. The system is enabled by software code added to an embedded app on the in-dash infotainment system and accessed by a touchscreen button on the display.

No smartphone is required. Livio will write software tailored for the specific automaker to implement and has applied for a patent for its system.

The product is actually faster to implement than Livio Keys, because only the FM tuner needs to be modified.

“If you’re listening to AM/FM, HD Radio or satellite radio, there’s an on-demand traffic button you can press,” says Sigal.

The Michigan-based company executive says he’s receiving “a lot” of interest from automakers and the product is available now. OEMs can share revenue generated through ad-sponsored traffic reports, providing recurring revenue opportunities through AM/FM radio, according to the company.