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CRL to Acquire Avocet

CRL to Acquire Avocet

Orban’s parent company, Circuit Research Labs, Inc., has agreed to buy the assets of TV coder and receiver manufacturer Avocet Instruments. Financial details of the transaction were not released. Circuit Research Labs Inc. stated that the addition of the Avocet line complements the current range of CRL and Orban Television products.
“This acquisition creates another product category that will expand our current opportunities and offer production economies that will substantially increase the line’s profitability,” said CRL President/CEO, C. Jayson Brentlinger, “The Avocet product range solves problems with cueing remote talent for live broadcast and delivering SAP (secondary audio programming) to other broadcasters for simulcasts. Another rapidly expanding SAP application, alternative language programming, presents CRL with another new market segment that the Avocet products readily serve.”
As part of the acquisition, Eric Lane, CEO of Avocet Instruments, Inc., will join the CRL/Orban marketing and sales team in the role of a consultant.
Avocet will relocate its assets to the CRL manufacturing plant in Tempe, AZ later this year.