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Cross Ownership Bans Replaced

Cross Ownership Bans Replaced

The FCC eliminated the outright bans that prevented one company from owning radio and TV stations and broadcast-newspaper combinations in the same market. New rules allow such combinations depending on how many stations are in the market:
There is no cross ownership ban in markets that have 9 or more TV stations (and assuming the market has at least 45 radio voices).
In markets with between 4 and 8 TV stations, combinations are limited to one of the following: A newspaper; one TV station; and up to 50 percent of the radio station limit for that market (i.e. if the radio limit in the market is 6, the company can only own 3) or; A newspaper; and up to the radio station limit for that market; or Two TV stations (if permissible under local TV ownership rule); up to the radio station limit for that market.
In markets with 3 or fewer TV stations, no cross-ownership is permitted among TV, radio and newspapers.