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Crown Debuts Contractor Amps

Crown Debuts Contractor Amps

Crown Audio introduced six amplifiers to its Contractor Series line.
Three of the models – CH1, CH2 and CH4 – offer both low and high impedance outputs per channel, with each channel independently capable of providing 8/4 Ohm, 70 V and 100 V operation.
All three CH amplifiers also include 70Hz high pass filters, on each channel, providing low frequency roll off designed to eliminate saturation of constant voltage step down transformers used in 70V and 100V distributed systems.
The other three Contractor Series models – CL1, CL2 and CL4 – are designed for applications where low impedance compatibility is the primary requirement.
Crown’s CL amplifiers are engineered for high power low impedance loads and provide 2, 4 and 8-Ohm options per channel.
b. m. cox