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Crutchfield Launches Spanish-Language HD-R Push

Crutchfield Launches Spanish-Language HD-R Push

As more Spanish-language HD Radio and HD2 channels go on the air, Crutchfield has responded by launching a targeted market campaign for this audience.
In some cities, the company noted, there are almost as many formats available in Spanish as is in English.
The catalog retailer has incorporated what it says is an “unprecedented” level of Spanish content and Spanish-speaking sales advisors into its HD Radio learning center.
It is offering what it says is more Spanish online content than another other U.S. retailer to increase visibility to listeners of new Hispanic-oriented channels.
Many stations with primary formats in English have launched HD2 multicast channels that broadcast virtually exclusively in Spanish; markets that contain large Hispanic populations have particularly benefited from new HD multicast stations, according to the retailer. It cited the Los Angeles market, where 12 frequencies broadcast Hispanic formats, where prior to the introduction of HD Radio, there were three.