CTA Posts Industry Standards Online

The association has made its complete library of industry standards available online
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It usually isn't too long after a new technology is launched that industry standards begin to develop. Standards are what moves tech forward, and insures that different vendor's products will work together. For an example of what can happen without standards, you only need to recall the rollout of quadraphonic, four-channel sound in the late '60s and early '70s.

The Consumer Technology Association announced recently that it has made its complete library of industry standards available online at CTA.tech for free.

The library provides transparency and insight on standards used throughout the industry, including closed captioning, sending uncompressed digital television signals over high-speed interfaces and standards that improve the accuracy and reliability of health and fitness technology such as sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring devices.

Of interest to broadcasters, various standards and recommendations related to ATSC3.0, A Study of Audio Loudness Range for Consumers in Various Listening Modes and Ambient Noise Levels, Recommended Practice for Selection and Presentation of DTV Audio, Best Practices for Implementing Common Alerting Protocol based Alerts for Consumer Electronics Devices, Personal Sound Amplification Performance Criteria and Advanced Audio Extensions.

Also of interest are The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Connections Guide, a series of short videos which will walk users through how to connect a gaming system, streaming device, digital antenna or DVD or Blu-ray player to a TV to create the best audiovisual experience. Other guides cover smart homes, 4K Ultra HD and high-res audio.

The announcement was made at the CTA Technology & Standards Forum in Santa Clara, Calif.


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