CTA Urges Trump to Focus on IoT

Association’s new white paper gives recommendations to promote Internet of Things innovation
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The Consumer Technology Association has already begun to push its agenda with the incoming Trump administration. In a recently released white paper, the CTA explores strategies “to promote the growth of the Internet of Things.”

Described in a press release as a “timely guide during this presidential transition period,” the white paper recommends that the next administration look to industry experts for guidance, create a cross-agency federal stakeholder group for IoT and make more spectrum available for IoT. The CTA also lays out other, more specific policies and steps to move innovation forward in this area. 

“Among our most significant policy recommendations for the next administration is that the default standard setting and regulatory process should not lie with a single body of the American bureaucracy,” said CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. “Efforts to resolve the issues that inevitably accompany progress should be consensus-driven and led by industry stakeholders, in concert with federal agencies. This will ensure we maintain and promote an environment conducive to innovation and growth, while also protecting the safety and security of consumers across America.”

Read the full white paper online here.


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