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Cue Up the Stringers

New VeriCorder website offers meeting place for stringers and employers

Matching stringers to employers in need has always been a catch-as-catch-can operation.

But the folks behind the VeriCorder iPhone apps are trying to bring some organization to the chaos with its Web site.

FindStringers is designed to bring stingers looking for work together with media companies (radio or TV or whatever else) in need of temporary or regular help. VeriCorder insists that it will be more than merely a listing service but will provide tools and server space to enable mutually beneficial transactions.

Gary Symons, VeriCorder founder, said the idea is to give both parties the tools they need to work together. “We provide accelerated transport for large media files. We protect the security of the media company’s networks and we make it extremely easy to find, hire and work with qualified journalists, anywhere in the world.”

FindStringers uses VeriCorder’s audio and video recording and editing apps. Being introduced in Amsterdam at IBC this week, the site goes live Sept. 10 and offers free one-year subscriptions for stingers signing up before Sept. 30. Media companies participating are “always free,” according to VeriCorder. The Web site allows for storage of work, résumé/qualifications listing and story pitching, and also covers copyright issues.