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Czarnecki Joins Board of EAS-CAP Industry Group

Organization has been active in getting alert technologies to talk to one another

Edward Czarnecki, executive VP of SpectraRep, has been elected to the EAS-CAP Industry Group, which he helped found.

That organization is made up of equipment, software and service providers involved in the Emergency Alert System. Its aim is to promote advanced EAS capabilities based on the XML-based data format called Common Alerting Protocol, which is used for exchanging public warnings and emergencies among alerting technologies.

SpectraRep is part of BIA Financial Network; its AlertManager is an emergency notification system. His employer said Czarnecki has been a key player in development and deployment of FEMA’s Digital Emergency Alert System Program and led deployment of the CAP-based Alert Missouri program.

“At SpectraRep, Czarnecki is responsible for the AlertManager integrated alert and warning portfolio, including strategic direction and infusion of the latest technologies into the system,” it continued. “He is a recognized industry leader, having been designated by the FCC chairman to serve on the FCC’s Commercial Mobile Service Alert Committee. He is also an industry representative to the CAP-EAS Roadmap Committee, and was one of the founding members of the EAS-CAP Industry Group.”

Almost exactly a year ago, the group released its EAS-CAP Profile Recommendation. FEMA subsequently took much of that into its CAP profile for FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, or IPAWS.