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Czech President Reaffirms RFE/RL Support

Czech President Reaffirms RFE/RL Support

On a visit to the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Prague broadcasting center, Czech President Vaclav Havel, a former freelance contributor, reaffirmed his support for RFE/RL and its mission.

At the station Havel said he wanted “to repeat at this critical time what I have said to you many times before: the message of truth you bring to people is very important work.” Havel wanted to “greet all of you continuing the station’s work, especially those broadcasting to the post-Soviet states in Central Asia.” He believes that “the stance of these countries in the current difficult situation – their solidarity with the forces of the anti-terrorist coalition and their own direct participation (in that coalition’s work) – is very good and deserves recognition.” He also asked that his statement be broadcast to listeners in Central Asia.