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Czech Republic Forms DAB Forum

Country advances toward digital transition

Joining other countries in Europe and Asia, the Czech Republic has established a DAB forum to encourage digital radio audio broadcasting in the country.

The forum is composed of the following companies: Ceske Radiokomunikace a.s. (DAB network operator), Cesky rozhlas, Gama Media s.r.o. (GAMA Radio), Lagardere Active CR, a.s. (radio Frequence 1), LONDA spol. s r.o. (radio Impuls), RADIO PROGLAS s.r.o., RTI cz, s.r.o. (DAB network operator), SeeJay Radio s.r.o. and TELEKO, s.r.o. (DAB network operator).

These organizations plan to work for available broadcasting spectrum in band III, legislative commitment to the transition and increasing coverage throughout the country. Listeners in the Czech Republic currently have access to 17 digital radio stations.