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DAB Advocates Cite Strong Sales in U.K.

DAB Advocates Cite Strong Sales in U.K.

Sales of DAB digital radios in the United Kingdom increased by 165% in 2002 and “look set to more than double again in 2003,” according to a group of companies supporting DAB there.
The Digital Radio Development Bureau is funded by BBC, Digital One, EMAP Digital Radio, CE Digital, MXR, Capital Digital and Now-Digital. It promotes digital radio’s adoption in the U.K.
“Strong Christmas sales saw nearly every digital radio in the country sold, and left many retailers complaining they couldn’t get enough stock to meet demand,” the group stated.
“This was seen by many as a test period for DAB digital radio as retailers remained unsure of consumer interest in another digital technology. Around 75,000 DAB products went into the market in the run up to Christmas. There are very few of them left.”
The group estimated penetration of DAB digital radio products in the U.K. at 135,000, a figure that “is expected to rise to between 300,000 and 500,000” this year, thanks to new models, radio advertising and more DAB transmitters coming online.