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DAB Forum Ratchets Up Its Message

DAB Forum Ratchets Up Its Message

In other DAB news, the World DAB Forum, a global group promoting the Eureka-147 digital radio technology used in some countries outside the U.S., has hired a PR agency to raise DAB’s profile. Connors Communications, part of PR agency Hatch Group, will lead a six-month campaign to position DAB as the solution for digital radio broadcasters, manufacturers and retailers.
Some experts debate the success or failure of this form of DAB’s use in Canada, depending on the source. Some feel receiver uptake by consumers has been weak, while others say it is gaining a foothold and that all new technology takes a while to build a following.
Canadian DAB experts told Radio World this fall they see HD Radio joining Eureka-147 in Canada, especially in border cities.
Annika Nyberg, president of the World DAB Forum, said the Eureaka-147 system “is at a crossroads, with more and more governments, broadcasters and manufacturers throwing their weight behind legislation, services and products.”
She stated, “(Eureka) is emerging as the superior digital radio platform against the alternatives being developed, many of which remain unavailable to consumers.”
Connors will lead an international network of affiliate agencies in countries identified as being essential to the wider adoption of DAB-powered digital radio services. These include Trimedia Communications in France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands, K-Concepts Communications in Taiwan and Singapore and Connors in North America.