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DAB+ Moves Forward in Tuscany

Two new consortiums aim to encourage expansion of digital radio in central Italy

The Italian association of local TV and radio broadcasters, Aeranti-Corallo has announced the establishment of two new network operators (Toscana DAB and Radio Digitale Toscana) to boost the dissemination of DAB+ in Florence, Pistoia, Prato, Arezzo and Siena.

Toscana DAB groups together 12 local radio broadcasters, which include Lady Radio-Radio Viola, Radio Bruno, Radio Effe, Radio Etruria, Radio Lady, Radio Margherita, Radio Quattro, Radio Sei Sei, Radio Sieve, Radio Studio Delta, Radio Voce della

Speranza Firenze and RDF 102E7.

Radio Digitale Toscana also brings together 12 local radio broadcasters. These comprise Antenna Radio Esse, Controradio, Novaradio, Radio 3 Network, Radio Alleluia. Radio Diffusione Pistoia, Radio Firenze, Radio Incontri Valdichiana, Radio Rosa, Radio Siena, Radio Siena 2 and Radio Toscana.

According to the Aeranti-Corallo statement, both organizations intend to request from the Ministero dello Sviluppo economico (Ministry of Economic Development) the right to use available frequencies to broadcast their members’ programs via DAB+ in the region.

“With the establishment of these two companies, Aeranti-Corallo continues to ensure that local stations are also players in the new digital landscape,” said Marco Rossignoli, Aeranti-Corallo coordinator. “Local analog radio broadcasting in Italy boasts more than 21 million listeners on an average day, and in some regions, there are local stations with more listeners than the national radio networks. Local radio intends to maintain this local presence through future digital broadcasts. It is also important, however, that this digital development receives adequate support from the state and region,” he concluded.

 Marguerite Clark